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Create a plan with ObsPlanner

1: Select the date you wish to plan for.

2: Choose the object types you are interested in such as Deep Sky Objects.

3: Click the Next button.

4: Add a filter for what you wish to plan for.

5: Filter the magnitudes if needed by moving the sliders.

6: Click the Next button.

7: You can toggle all objects found to add them to your plan.

8: Or you can select individual objects to add to your plan.

9: Click the Next button.

10: You can then choose the start time and end time of your planned observations using the sliders.

11: Click on the Optimise button and the results are what you should be able to see for your location, chosen times and taking any obstacles into account.

Set up a new location

1: Once signed in, click on the menu button that displays your name.

2: Choose the location tab.

3: Click on the 'Add new location' link.

4: Enter the details of the new location.

5: When finished, click on the Save button.

6: This new location is then listed on the location tab.

Map your horizon

1: On the locations tab, click on the 'Map this location's horizon' link.

2: On the sky view schematic, click on areas that are obstructed and they will turn red.

3: If its an area you want to turn green, click it again and it will change. Objects that are in red areas are removed from the optimizing engine.

4: Once you have marked any areas red, click on the save button and you will be notified at the top of the page.

5: Click on the 'Back to account details' to return.